Limoncello Cupcakes – Tuesdays With Dorie


I still remember the first time I tried limoncello. My parents and I were in a little restaurant in Florence and were given a glass of Prosecco when we were seated and browsing through our menus. After making our decisions and finishing the many courses our waiter brought all of us a glass of limoncello – perfect way to end a great dinner. It’s been a favorite of mine ever since so I was really excited to try this recipe and it was just as good as I thought it would be. The cupcakes were light, moist and had a wonderful lemon flavor. I think the idea of glazing them is really smart – I’d done that before with cakes but never thought of it with cupcakes – because it not only added more great flavor but also kept them from being dry. The little bit of orange marmalade in the center of the cupcake is another nice touch from both a visual and flavor standpoint. Here are a couple of pictures of the recipe at different stages of completion.

Orange Marmalade added to cupcake batter:


Cupcakes out of the oven and ready for frosting:


I have a recipe for salmon with a prosecco sauce. Think I’m going to make that as a main course and these for dessert and have a toast to Ristorante Leo in Florence. 🙂