Nutella Buttons and Coconut Tapioca – Tuesdays With Dorie


One of the many things I really like about this cookbook is that there are a ton of really great tasting recipes that are not at all difficult to prepare – both of these are good examples of that. Making the Nutella buttons took about an hour including baking time and the Coconut Tapioca even less than that. Both were really delicious though.

Of the two, the Nutella Buttons took a little more work to put together which I think is due to the fact that I used the paper liners in the mini cupcake pan – I lost a few of these when my spoon stuck to the wrapper and dumped the batter into the tin. Next time I think I would use baking spray and do them directly in the pan itself – live and learn. Enough of these survived though to be served for dessert for Mother’s Day Brunch last weekend and they were enjoyed by everybody. I really liked the combination of the sweet batter and the surprise bite of Nutella in the middle.

The Coconut Tapioca was something I was really looking forward to making. I think there seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to coconut – you either love it or hate it. I personally love it. I always looked forward to the coconut cream pies that my great grandmother would make for Thanksgiving which were a nice alternative to pumpkin pie which I really don’t enjoy at all. Back to the pudding, using the coconut milk the gave the tapioca a really great flavor and I enjoyed the texture of the large pearl – I’d only ever had the instant variety before. It does require a little advance planning since you have to soak this type overnight but after that’s done it was all of twenty minutes to make it.

Here are a couple photos of these desserts being prepared.

Nutella Buttons cooling on rack:


Coconut Tapioca on the stove:


I’ll definitely make both of these again. Next time I’m going to ice the Nutella Buttons with the chocolate ganache and the Coconut Tapioca will be paired with the spiced pineapple recipe in the book. Nothing wrong with making a good thing even better.