Pink Grapefruit Tart – Tuesdays With Dorie


I have to admit, I made this recipe with a little bit of trepidation. I’ve never made a dessert with grapefruit – definitely new territory for me – but that didn’t worry me too much. What did was that I usually have to add a ton of sugar to grapefruit – similar to cranberries – to make it palatable for me. I was afraid that this tart would be, well, way too tart especially with the addition of campari. Again, as with the cranberry crackle tart, I needn’t have been concerned. This was just a great dessert – really refreshing, smooth and delicious. The combination of the sweet tart dough, lemon and brown sugar base and buttery grapefruit custard was both sophisticated and surprisingly sweet but not overly so. Here are a few photos of the dessert at various stages of completion.

Tart dough ready to bake:


Fully baked crust:


Tart with citrus and brown sugar base:


This turned out to be one of the favorite desserts I’ve made from Baking Chez Moi so far. It’s as delicious as it is beautiful and it not only made me want to make this again – will be looking for pink grapefruit at the store today – but visit the patisserie in Paris ┬áthat originated it.