Marquise Au Chocolat – Tuesdays With Dorie


One thing that can be difficult about entertaining is that a lot of desserts can’t be made that much in advance and still really taste great. I love the fact that this is one that can and should be made in advance. The recipe is very similar to the chocolate mousse recipe I make – I never would have thought about freezing it! It’s really a great idea and the recipe itself couldn’t be easier. I think I put this together in less than half an hour including clean up although it tastes like something far more difficult to make. I served it with the recommended crème anglaise and some fresh raspberries and it was a big hit. Below are some photos of the dessert as it was being made.

Melted chocolate and egg yolks:


Finished chocolate mixture:


Chocolate mixture ready for freezer:


I still have quite a bit of this left in the freezer but once it’s finished I’m looking forward to trying this with some of the suggested additions, especially some of the cookies!


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