Brown Butter and Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake – Tuesdays With Dorie


One of the reasons that I thought it would be fun to join this group was that I’d really get to expand my baking skills as well as an increased acquaintance with the different types of desserts that are out there. This recipe definitely falls into the latter category. I’ve used browned butter several times while preparing sauces for trout or other types of fish but I never thought of it as something that could be used in a cake. I’m certainly glad I tried making it – I think that the browned butter gives a certain nuttiness to the flavor of the cake that’s really delicious especially in combination with the vanilla and rum. It was really easy to make as well which is always a plus. The photo above shows the finished dessert with the requisite glass of rum that was recommended to have with it – nice pairing. Below are some photos of the cake as it was being prepared.

Making the browned butter. I was really paranoid i’d burn it but it came out fine:


The finished batter:


The cake cooling after being baked:


I read in the description of this cake that it’s good toasted if it gets stale. I didn’t get a chance to try that myself because this one didn’t last long enough but I’ve had several inquiries as to when the next one’s gong to appear. I might get to try some toast then, as well as an opportunity to have a little more dark rum.


33 thoughts on “Brown Butter and Vanilla Bean Weekend Cake – Tuesdays With Dorie

  1. Like you, my experience with browned butter was in French recipes and I was happy that Dorie included in her notes that the brown bits on the bottom of the pan after browning the butter were a good thing for this recipe and to include them as sometimes in French cooking they are included, but more often than not they are not. Dorie is good about mentioning things like that. Your cake looks wonderful…and that glass of rum does sound like a good accompaniment!

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    • I think that’s one of the best things about her recipes – it’s more like someone being in the room with you helping you out than reading a typical recipe. I was really paranoid about the same thing but it really did add to the flavor just like she said.


  2. I was so worried about the butter too! I watched it like a hawkโ€ฆwasn’t sure how quick it would turn to blackened butter haha! It wasn’t as hard as I thought! I joined the group for the same reasonsโ€ฆso fun to expand our horizons and try things, to bake and to eat, that you wouldn’t otherwise!

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  3. I’ve stopped worrying about whether or not things like browned butter will turn out, thanks to Dorie’s wonderful instructions. This cake was so good. The aroma alone will make sure it gets made again and again. Yours rose perfectly!

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