Gingerbread Buche De Noel – Tuesdays With Dorie


Every year for Christmas dinner I make a Buche De Noel so the techniques for making this dessert weren’t new to me but this is as different from our traditional recipe as night and day. The recipe I usually make is yellow cake with a yellow filling and frosting which is very rich and delicious. This version is delicious but much lighter and more sophisticated with the combination of the pralines, cinnamon, vanilla frosting and gingerbread flavor. Here are a few photos of the cake along the way.

Praline topping:


Cake filled and rolled:


Frosted and ready to chill:


I really loved this dessert. It was fun to make and the end result was a combination of flavors that I wouldn’t have expected. Think it will be a great addition to our future holiday celebrations.


26 thoughts on “Gingerbread Buche De Noel – Tuesdays With Dorie

    • Thanks, Rachelle! Merry Christmas to you too ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the reason we started that was that I saw a recipe in Jacques Pรฉpin Celebrates and thought it would be fun to try. We’ve been doing them ever since because everyone likes them so much.

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  1. This recipe was different wasn’t it. I kept waiting to get to the part where we had to shape little mushrooms and holly leaves. I like this updated version-much simpler and quite a bit more elegant. Your rolled cake looks perfect and gorgeous.

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  2. I have made a bรปche in the past–well, it is really a rolled ice cream cake. It is chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream as the filling and a very rich chocolate frosting. Quite delicious and has the advantage of being stored in the freezer so you can snack on it for days (as long as you don’t invite any friends over for the initial presentation!). I liked Dorie’s and especially loved the frosting. . . and with your comments about your traditional yellow cake, maybe I ought to branch out more in the realm of cake logs.


    • She has another really good rolled cake in her Around My French Table cookbook with mascarpone and blueberries that I made a couple of years ago – that’s another great recipe. They’re fun to serve and really aren’t as hard to make as they look although next time I’m going to do this recipe with a handheld mixer or transferring the batter to another bowl before folding. I like my stand mixer but the dimple in the bottom makes it really hard to fold in the flour without deflating all the eggs.


      • I like the suggestion to try Dorie’s rolled cake with mascarpone and blueberries. I’ll have to remember that when blueberry season rolls around again: right now where I live it is 19 degrees and the temperature is dropping.


  3. I’ve always wanted to make one and now I think it’s going to become a tradition for us every Christmas, too. Yours looks wonderful, and I agree, it’s a very sophisticated version.


  4. Yup, this was WAY different that the one I made last year (I kind of missed making all the little mushrooms…)
    Love all the praline you have on top. That’s the way to do it!


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