Rugelach – Tuesdays With Dorie


When this recipe was chosen as the first one to make in December, I really had no idea what I was going to be baking. I’d heard of Rugelach but I ended up doing a search on google to see exactly what these looked like. A ton of images and recipes came up in my search engine and they all looked very different, but I at least had a vague idea what I’d be having for dessert that evening.

My first thought after reading the recipe was that it looked a bit intimidating to make these but it really was a surprisingly simple process. The dough came together really quickly in the food processor and while it was resting in the refrigerator I had more than enough time to make the filling and cinnamon sugar. Here are a few photographs of the recipe as it progressed:

Filling and Cinnamon Sugar:


Filled Rugalach after being frozen:


Rugelach right out of the oven:


As neat as they looked, they tasted even better. The combination of flavors is really delicious but not overly sweet and they were definitely a big hit with everyone that sampled them. I think it would be fun to try some savory ones as well – Dorie’s tip of making these with bacon is definitely more than a little intriguing!


14 thoughts on “Rugelach – Tuesdays With Dorie

  1. The great thing about Dorie’s recipes that I have found through the years is that although something may look intimidating in the book, and the page count for the recipe sometimes does that to me even still, that it is just one step at a time and somehow it all flows smoothly and comes together marvelously in the end. Your cookies look wonderful and now you have another “been there done that” for your list! 🙂

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