Cranberry Crackle Tart – Tuesdays With Dorie

This is actually a Sundays with Dorie post because of the holiday but better late than never. I was a little apprehensive about making this dessert because I’ve had others made with cranberries that were so tart that they were hard to eat – should have known better. This was really delicious – the combination of the sweet crust, the raspberry jam with the meringue and cranberries was great. It was also very pretty – here are some photos of the finished dessert as well as some of the intermediate steps.

Unbaked Pie Crust:

Pie Crust With Raspberry Jam:

Pie Ready To Go Into The Oven:

Finished Dessert:

Because the cranberries come in 3 cup bags, I was able to make this twice. It didn’t last long either time.


12 thoughts on “Cranberry Crackle Tart – Tuesdays With Dorie

  1. Lol on it not lasting. I made a half version as I knew it would be too dangerous to leave hanging around, we’d want to each too much of it as it was so good. I love the cracks you got with yours, very fun.

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  2. Looks very nice! There are some interesting texture and flavor things going on in this dessert. Did you have to shield the edges of the crust when you baked the meringue?


    • I thought I would have to but it wasn’t a problem. I used a ceramic pie plate to make this – usually I use a metal one – because I was afraid that the metal would make the pie crust brown too quickly. It seemed to work ok because it looked just like the photo in the book when it was done πŸ™‚


  3. Your tart is lovely! I’ve had the same experience with cranberry desserts being too tart and was a little apprehensive but the flavours of this were perfect – trust Dorie to find the right balance.


    • Thanks! I agree – it really was a great combination. It’s funny – I was at the store yesterday and picked up another bag of cranberries so I could make this again – twice actually πŸ™‚


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